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March 16 2017

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stevint x Canmore, Alberta

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Flatland II: A New Series of Dramatically Skewed Photographic Landscapes by Aydin Büyüktas

Turkish digital artist and photographer Aydin Büyüktas continues his dizzying landscape series Flatland with this new collection of collages shot in various locations around the world. Each image requires around 18-20 aerial drone shots which are then stitched together digitally to form sweeping landscapes that curl upward without a visible horizon. As we’ve noted before, Büyüktas found inspiration in a century-old satirical novel titled Flatland about a two-dimensional world inhabited by geometric figures. You can see more from the series on his Facebook page.

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what kind of goat is this

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No Longer Bald!
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Debugging my own code.

/* by Anmol */

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Fuck the system!!!
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March 07 2017

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